What to look for when you pilot your photo for your CV

When will I put a photo in my CV, will I tell me, or will it disqualify me in my homework? Will the employer decide according to them, or are the job quotes important? These questions are a series of job seekers.

In some cases, the employer may request a photo, so throw away the waste. However, if the candidate wants to prepare his / her CV on an equal footing, with all the necessary information about his / her shows and career shifts, he or she will decide whether, where they do not require a photo, keep it vice versa.

Photo m bt aktuln

The photos actually helped the HR specialist to better orientate himself among the candidates who were interested in the position. This is usually a reason to place a secret. In the same way, however, an experienced HR specialist can orientate himself among the individual candidates according to their experience, previous employers, etc., which are certain data with a significant informative value.

If you decide to place the photo on a CV, it is good to put it directly in the document, not as a surface. The image should be the size and format of the passport photo. It must be current and professional. If you see clothing, it should be formal and discreet, as well as makeup and perks. The photos do not show the employer that you manage a team (if you can remove colleagues in Photoshop, you can demonstrate knowledge of graphics tools), it is really used to remind who is hiding behind the experience.

Mainly drink the truth!

In a structured CV, the photo is not the only information that is added, please specify whether to attach it or not. It is not necessary to clarify in connection with whether it is really necessary for a new employer to know as one of the first pieces of information about how many children you have and what age, how they are in the state (unmarried divorce / happy divorce) and when you have your birthday.

If it is important for everyone for any reason that the future enthusiast knows how to go first, he will not meet you before, and if you decide to attach a photo, then the most basic instruction applies, which applies to the entire CV: the truth!

And on the floor evil

When you present yourself in your CV, you draw attention to what is currently important for everyone. The rule for the protection of personal data is very helpful in this and allows you to buy information). To pay for photography. Whether and what kind of photo of the handcuffs in the CV is up to the applicant, he must then be prepared to compare not only his experience with the ideas of future employers, but also to compare the photos with reality.

People also often present themselves in social media or are marked in various photos, and since the employer also uses these channels, candidates should look for their photos there as well.