What works for many people

Work at night nedoke kad. However, such employees are comfortable with many employees. The example is the people in quiet companies. What about such work?

After nights, clean offices, fitness and wellness centers, hotels and surgeries in Prague, Brno and Vsetn. We will select such people who are in sufficient condition to be able to handle this work without any problems. Most often do we have on our non-exchange employees aged between five and five years, to Ivo Maier, the company’s CEO calm down? Calm down!

V em je non prce jin?
Most people see in non smn, of course, only negatives. But there are also advantages to such a work rhythm. And it’s not just pensions. Many people work hard at night because they have time to spend their personal belongings during the day. Surprisingly, only a percentage of them then benefited all day.

So do you have to have any preconditions for non-work?
Before embarking on non-calm people, the man must undergo a medical examination. Non-work fall into this category, so everyone has to be able to accommodate each employee. Then ns but kad dvee open to him. The hunter does not even have to have previous experience with peace of mind, that we will take care of our employees ourselves thoroughly.

Did it happen that the candidate for non-work did not estimate his hearing?
When a job applicant comes to us for an interview, he knows that he is still calm. Most of them are workers who worked in the past at night and this method suits them. Of course, we met people who have never worked two nights and want to try this kind of work. We have found a situation where the worker, after her first non-shift, stated that she could never do such a job. But as soon as the dog rested for a day, she called to appreciate it. Often a shift on nonm calm needs a second anci. So we also met people who just can’t handle working in nonch hours.

How was it about the summer holidays, did the brigades flock to me?
Last year, the demand for jobs increased during the holidays, and the same thing happened this year. The students wanted to drink the dog. Let’s think that it can be quite interesting for young people first, because during the day they have time off and they can be with you to bathe friends and swim.

Has any coronavirus outcome affected the company?
Of course, the coronavirus treatment came on us. Buto changed the scope of work, for example, it limited the operation of the company itself. Or, on the contrary, the wheels spilled, because in some cases it was necessary to regularly disinfect the premises.