Where did the domestic banks come from and how did they saw their names

Did you know that GE Money Bank was founded by Thomas Alva Edison and the largest bank in the world is Citibank? We all notoriously know the names of domestic banks. But what u don’t know how long u ns individual banks operate, how is their history and where do they get their names from. Let’s take a look at the strings.

BAWAG Bank CZ, a. s.

The original BAWAG bank was founded in 1922 in Austria and is short for Bank fr Arbeit und Wirtschaft (Bank for Labor and Economy). It has been operating since 1991. It is now wholly owned by the Austrian bank BAWAG PSK AG, but it looks like it will soon be bought by the German Landesbank Baden – Wrttemberg.


It was established as the City Bank of New York. In the 19th century it became the largest bank in the United States and in 1930 it was declared the largest bank in the world. At the end of the 20th century, Travelers Group and Citigroup Inc. merged to form the largest financial institution in the world. VR has been operating Citibank since 1991.

The main shareholder of Citibank Europe plc is Citibank Holdings Ireland Limited (a holding company with an association in Ireland), which is 100% owned by Citibank Overseas Investment Limited (with an association in the USA). Citibank primarily focuses on creditworthy clients in the Czech Republic.

esk spoitelna

It began its activities as a bank in 1992. Its oldest predecessor was Spoitelna esk, which was founded in 1825. In 1968, it was divided into two separate entities – esk sttn spoitelna and Slovenská sttn spoitelna. In 2000, esk spoitelna became a member of the Central European financial group Erste Bank, which is thus the majority owner of Spoitelna (98%). esk spoitelna is our largest bank, the number of its clients with non-business ones was 2.9 million at the end.

Czechoslovak Commercial Bank

The bank was established in 1964, was privatized in 1999 and the Belgian KBC Bank became the majority owner. In 2000, SOB took the bankrupt clients of the bank IPB. The Slovak branch of SOB was separated by the meeting of this year. The bank currently uses two business symbols with us – SOB and Potovn spoitelna. VR is SOB the second largest bank in terms of sweat clients.

GE Money Bank
General Electric founded the genius inventor Thomas Alva Edison. In 1890, he merged to diversify his business into the Edison General Electric Company. It was formed by the merger of the Thomson-Houston Company and various other companies, owned by Charles A. Coffin, a former Massachusetts shoe manufacturer. GE Money Bank is now 100% owned by GE Capital International Holdings Corporation.

Komern bank
The largest bank on our market – KB – has been operating in the US since 1990. In 2001, the French company Socit Gnrale, which owns 60.35%, was acquired by KB. KB shares are listed on the Prague Stock Exchange.


Nzev was established in 2000, when mBank started its activities in Poland. The letter “m” meant mobile, because mBank was the first bank in Poland to offer its services over the phone and the Internet. mBank CZ is a branch of BRE Bank SA (founded in 1986), which according to the Commerzbank financial group. In Poland, this bank has two million clients. It is among the ten largest Internet banks in the world. mBank saw the Czech market with a free strategy, where its clients do not pay for keeping it here, payment cards, internet access, etc.

Potovn spoitelna

It took on the tradition created by Potovn banka during the First Republic. Renewed Potovn banka was officially established in 1991. Its current name has been paid since 1995, when it came under the auspices of IPB. After the acquisition in 2000, Potovn spoitelna operates within SOB, and is also owned by the KBC Bank financial group. There are interesting branches with Potovn spoitelny, because you can find its operation not only in commercial cities, but also in pots, public transport and almost every small town in our country.


The founder of Raiffeisenbank was Freidrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818-1888). It is therefore clear where the name of the bank comes from. In 1862, Mr. Raiffeisen founded the first large banking association in Anhausen. Raiffeisen Bank has been in the Czech Republic since 1993. The bank is majority owned by the Raiffeisen Group. On July 7, the integration of eBanka and Raiffeisenbank was fully completed. Due to the fact that eBanka has disappeared, we don’t have a really Czech bank. EBanka’s name disappeared from the banking market forever. Pette about the end of eBanka.

UniCredit Bank
It started its activities on the Czech market in 2007. The bank is part of the international UniCredit Group. The potenties of the current UniCredit Group date back to 1473, when the Rolo Banca banking house was founded. In 2005, it merged with the German group HVB and the Italian bank Capitalia. UniCredit thus bought a trade bank, which was with us during the First Republic.

The bank was originally established in Austria and literally means “people’s bank”. The majority owner is Volksbank International AG with its registered office in Vienna, which accounts for 98.14%. U ns banka has been operating since 1993, but Volksbank AG, as a association of high – level institutions, was founded in R in 1922.