women think that they have to work in other ways. To mui nee, k manaerka

Do not give things to the sun and welcome all my time. This is often repeated by Petra Ondruov, director of premium banking at Erste Premier esk spoitelny, who did not disrupt her career due to parental responsibilities. I thought I had to work harder than anyone else to prove that I deserved a managerial post, to the mother of two little daughters.

The field of banking and finance has been two times better than the world. How has it changed since 2003, when you started working in nm?
According to me, it is a recent phenomenon that they appear more often in higher positions. And this is clearly positive. Women are capable managers and it is right when men and women are represented in leading positions. I myself have always dealt with the question of diversity during the building darkness, because I know that the development of the Musical and Feminine elements is very important. esk spoitelna employs ten thousand people, where they work in branches mainly, but when you go up the positions hierarchically, so the number of people under the positions dominates.