years mortgage rates are record low, reaching 3.5 percent

He set a record of years of rates at hypotench vr did not take long to wait. For the last nine months, a potet has fallen. Year-on-year rates have fallen to 3.46 percent.

In the last nine months, as stated by the server, a record has been broken by a number.

“The current development suggests that this record may not last long, as some banks currently have enough room to continue with interest rates,” said Fincentra’s chief analyst Josef Rajdl.

The decline in annual rates was really sharp. From 3.55 percent, they fell to 3.46 percent. Nzk years bag rates surprising people do not attract to the banks. The sweat and volumes of agreed mortgages decreased compared to August. At the record in December, it was exactly the opposite – both volumes and potencies were growing.

years rates at hypotench vr jet svna dna nedoshly. esk nrodn banka, in addition, from 27z again reduced years of rates, so years mortgage rates are likely to fall.

“Although the known sweat of mortgages is still a fixation, there will be no sharp boom in refinancing. Banks look much more for their clients, it was not usual in recent years. The first offer after the fixation is usually above the average rates, but in the case of an offer from a competing bank, the original bank is willing to hit the client at any price, ”said Rajdl.

The decrease in the number of mortgages may also be due to the extended period between the reservation of real estate and the signing of the purchase contract (ie the sale). Specifically in Prague, the deadline against the previous mscm was extended by 15 days. This trend is due to the importance of the client regarding the method of financing and, above all, the choice of a specific bank, pointed out the executive director of RE / MAX, Han Nmeek.

This means that the real estate market will start to wake up, but some sales are not completed. The interest in real estate was also confirmed by Miroslav Jon, Commercial Director of M&M Reality. “The volume of properties sold against the last quarter is great. While last year we had 10,822 properties sold at this time, this year it is 11,762 for the same period. The growth trend is therefore evident, ”he added.