You don’t have time for your table. How did the work place be shared?

Hot desking. A new trend in open sleeping, where not everyone can fit in the workspace and share employees. Martina Kemrov from T-Mobile explains how this model works in practice.

Darkness will not fit into the newly renovated offices of the T-Mobile headquarters in the cracks of Roztyly u. In my country, we introduced a shared workplace, or other hot desking, at the end of this year, when the Komern division joined the company, Martin Kemrov, corporate communications manager.

In what positions do you apply hot desk?
From specialist positions to managerial positions, he gradually joined in.

Is it necessary to prepare people for this type of work in advance?
Everyone in the dark has to get used to working in open spaces, in different cities, and working from home with working hours. In order for the system of shared jobs to work, it is necessary to keep in mind that some of the same types of communication require private and third-party work, the employer must also deal with the establishment of private labels and a sufficient number of meeting rooms.

How did your employees react to this when you told them that there would be no place for them?
For most people who are used to their office, where they have their private home, which they have inhabited for many years, the idea of ​​a shared space is very uncomfortable.

I myself was surprisingly aware of the great fear of losing my privacy, and I always worked with the two open. For workers of the housing type, who decorate their offices with family photos and flowers, have spare clothes in the closet for a number of rooms and have not published letters or nonsense in their clothes for years. But in the end, it’s always cheap when the hunter finds out how much he really needs.

Do I also have a relationship between leaders and podzenches?
Enthusiasts have to get used to the fact that they do not have an understatement on their eyes, and grow them to evaluate them according to the sweat of the hours.

So it is necessary to meet the common meeting of darkness and not rely on the fact that people will naturally meet at work and share information. The employees then have full responsibility for ensuring that they will be able to fulfill their work duties even outside the office. In each case, the courtyard of the court plays a big role.

What is jet dleit?
Discipline is required for these cities, you do not have a stable place, you also have to slide the work aids into the shelves or cabinets at the end of working hours. So dn photos of children, pets and nstnka with postcards from the holidays.

Don’t excuse the staff: fe, I couldn’t finish the report, I didn’t have my faith? Or, on the contrary, even the latecomers go to work two to have a place to sit?
I don’t know about the case that he wouldn’t come to someone. In addition, we have so much gray furniture and special work areas in areas outside the main open spaces that it is unlikely that all of them will be occupied. Spe people can have a problem with the system, the furnace only the noise level in the occupied common space is a bit like you.