Zite dtti et, ale spote mu jinde

If you want your children to step into the financial world before they reach adulthood, think about the children. It costs nothing and they will help your children. On the spoen, however, on the other side of accidents.

Children are generally welcome for the age category of children, usually from their birth to the age of 15, when they are followed by students. The only exception is the X account of esk spoitelny, which is intended for children aged 10 to 15, and Velika Raiffeisenbank. Here I will use it again and until the day when he reaches the age of majority.

Co nabz dtsk et zdarma

* bn transactions (cash and non-cash)
* vhodnj roen
* payment card (usually from 10 years of age)
* elektronick bankovnictv (k nahlen na et)
* entries from here
* some banks also offer the possibility to close for dt
razov pojitn (to ji s pplatkem)

A certain advantage of children’s loans is better value for money, at least if we compare the offered year with the year of similar banking products intended exclusively for adults (it is without a notice period and with the exception of only tenths of a percent).

Through their own children, children penetrate the banking world, without his at least superficial knowledge they cannot do without. They have a financial reserve at their disposal at all times. The child is also protected from the loss and theft of cash, which he would otherwise have with him. To a certain extent, children with their own can also get the impression of financial independence and adulthood.

The recovery bag cannot be used indefinitely, usually the best years are only up to a relatively low limit (usually in the range from 10 to 35 thousand crowns). If the balance here reaches this limit hell, roen drops and to the standard bnch t (from 0.1% to 1.1% pa). With regard to these limits, it is possible to find such savings banking products on the financial market, for which there are no similar restrictions (for example, the ING account increases the value of invested funds by 2.25%). Even the best value for money has yielded virtually nothing, and therefore it is better to value pensions in other ways. Find out more HERE.

He likes Velik, or rather Beruku
The children’s accounts have only five banks in their offer and their marked majority correspond to the most small amounts. SOB has a Sln account, Komern banka Beruku, Raiffeisenbank Veliku and Volksbank Rybiku. esk spoitelna then offers its youngest clients an X account and Potovn spoitelna et Mini. There is a lot of children’s passbooks on offer, and they have only a long history of furnaces.

You can create one of the child’s accounts in the name of the child at the time of his or her birth, provided, of course, that you are his or her legal representative. To do this, you need a child’s birth certificate and your own identity card, or a document to prove your relationship with the minor. You will not forget to take cash with you, you will make a deposit. He is usually a toton with a minimum balance here and ranges from 50 to 300 crowns.

When starting here, banks usually do not require the presence of a child, who does not pay the bag, provided that he / she will use a payment card (he / she must not be younger than 8 or 10 years, respectively). Although the PIN for the card is accepted, the card itself is dt, directly at the bank. If the child is ten years old, he will have to go to Potovn spoitelna with you.


product Deposit in K Highest rated Charged services
S X account 100 2 % p.a. do 9.999 K 3. a dal vbr z ATM
UNDER Sln 100 2 % p.a. do 24.999 K 5. a dal vbr z ATM
KB Beruka 300 2,2 % p.a. do 20 tis.K
PS Mini 50 2 % p.a. do 35 tis.K canceled here 200 K
RB Great 300 1,7 % p.a.
from 7,201 to 150 thousand K.
cash withdrawal
Volksbank Rybik uninhabited 2,2 % p.a. do 19.999 K all transactions

On the contrary, the presence of the parent, or the final representative, is necessary in all transactions carried out at the bank’s branch. Other transactions can be carried out by children, for example, but also by some banks, subject to certain restrictions. For example, in SOB, a minor may not deposit a maximum of 1,500 crowns at a time. esk spoitelna stipulates a deposit limit (including non-cash incoming transactions here) for a minor of 10 thousand crowns in a calendar month, the same is true in the case of vbr. Other limits, especially for payment cards, are established by agreement with the bank.

So if you want to give your child a sense of independence and at the same time want to write about their distance in the field of finance, definitely do not make a mistake when you decide to open one of the children’s accounts. these are kept free of charge, as well as related services (payment card, electronic banking, entries, etc.). However, if you intend to wall just for the sake of the connection, you will forget about it. You want to evaluate the pension furnaces, and not let them steal from them. It is therefore better to use other financial products and services, which can ensure better value.